2017 Course Information

General Information
Dress Code
An updated Application for Training is available from this website. It is version SHP-909M 01/17 (number is in the upper right corner of the application).

Crash Investigation Programs

Advanced Crash Investigation April 3-14
Basic Crash Investigation March 13-17
Commercial Vehicle Crash Investigation July 10-14
Crash Reconstruction September 18-29
Crash Reconstruction Retraining February 27-March 1
Human Factors in Crash Investigation November 6-10

Criminal Investigation Programs

Basic Narcotics Investigation July 31-August 4
Crime Scene Investigation December 4-8 Class is Full
Criminal Investigation July 17-21
Criminal Patrol Open to Highway Patrol members ONLY July 10-13
Hazardous Waste and Emergency Response for Methamphetamine Laboratories (Clandestine Lab) August 21-25
Hazardous Waste and Emergency Response for Methamphetamine Laboratories (Clandestine Lab) Recertification November 28, 2017 Jefferson City, Missouri
November 29, 2017 Springfield, Missouri
December 5, 2017 Park Hills, Missouri
December 7, 2017 Macon, Missouri
Interview and Interrogation March 27-31
September 4-8

Instructor Development Programs

Bushido Tactical Handgun Instructor Course October 23-26 CANCELLED

Communications Training Officer (CTO) Instructor

February 22-24
DRE SFST Instructor January 23-27
Emergency Vehicle Operation Course (EVOC) Instructor October 16-20 Class is Full
Firearms Instructor June 5-16 Class is FULL
Police Instructor October 9-13 Class is Full
Radar/Laser Instructor February 13-17
Strategos: Strategies of Low-Light Engagements Instructor May 8-12

Management Development Programs

First-Line Supervision

March 6-10 Class is FULL
September 11-15 Class is Full

November 27-December 1 Class is Full

Leadership in Police Organizations OPEN TO MSHP PERSONNEL ONLY

Three one-week-per-month sessions for each class

February 7 (Orientation)

August 29 (Orientation)

Leadership Strategies for the Supervisor

May 23

July 11

Management Development October 24-27

Technical Programs

Advanced Executive Protection Course August 16-18

February 7

March 7

Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (ARIDE)

April 26-27
June 28-29

August 16-17

August 23-24

November 1-2

Advanced Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC)

June 19

June 20

Basic Entry Tactical Officer November 26-December 1
Basic Executive Protection Course August 27-31
Below 100 Training

April 24
August 23

November 1

Blood Alcohol Content (Type II - Intoximeter DMT)

February 6-15

August 7-16

Counter Sniper Response for Patrol Officers

February 1
May 16

October 3

Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) April 24-May 5
July 31-August 11
Emergency Vehicle Operation Course (EVOC)

March 13-17

September 18-22

Emergency Vehicle Operation Course II (EVOC)

May 22-24 Canceled

August 28-30

Field Training Officer (FTO) February 27-March 2
November 6-9
Force De-escalation, Social Intelligence and Critical Thinking

May 17
August 8

October 16

December 13

Ground Fighting For Law Enforcement Officers

December 6-8

Ice Rescue Training Open to Highway Patrol members ONLY

January 16-17

January 23-24

Looking Beyond The Stop - Interview and Interrogation February 8-10
May 8-10
Missouri Cadet Patrol Academy June 11-16
Night Vision Tactics (Bushido) August 7-9
Peer Support - Individual and Group Crisis Intervention November 28-December 1 Canceled
Search and Seizure in Traffic Stops

October 4
November 1

December 13

Tactical Emergency Casualty Care Provider (TECC) June 20
June 21
October 17
October 18
Use of Force Analysis and Peace Officer Liability February 1
April 18
June 14

Technical: Swimming/Boating

Basic Boat Operation March 21-23
October 3-5
Basic Swimming December 11-13
Survival Swimming November 20-21
Swiftwater Rescue

April 10-14 Canceled

Swiftwater Rescue II June 12-15
Swiftwater Rescue Refresher February 27-March 3
Swimming - Stroke Development

December 13-15