2018 Courses of Instruction


  • June 10-15, 2018

Prerequisites: Qualifications for the program include

  • Age -- 16 through 18 years of age (must have reached sixteenth birthday by April 1, 2017)
  • Applicants must be enrolled in high school and in the upper 50th percentile of their class; and
  • applicants must be of good moral character, present a neat, well-groomed appearance; and
  • come highly recommended.

Course Description: This course is sponsored by the American Legion in cooperation with the Missouri State Highway Patrol.  The underlying purpose of the Missouri Cadet Patrol Academy is to provide firsthand experience of the role of our law enforcement officers in promoting and safeguarding American freedoms and rights.  It is hoped that the young men and women who participate in the Cadet Patrol Academy will develop favorable attitudes toward law enforcement and help disseminate these attitudes throughout the community.

The program consists of a typical week of intensive Patrol recruit training.  The week’s activities will include classroom instruction in the history of law enforcement, defensive driving, crash investigation, motor vehicle laws, drug and alcohol abuse, as well as demonstrations of police skills such as personal defense.  Organized sports will be a part of the program, as well as tours of criminal justice facilities.  Applicants must be physically able to take part in a rigorous physical training program.

The individual sponsorships of a cadet are by the local post of the American Legion.  Official application forms, which must be fully completed, may be obtained from your local American Legion Post.  All correspondence relating to this program should be addressed to:

  • Mr. Bob Jordan
  • The American Legion Department o Missouri
  • 3341 American Avenue
  • Jefferson City, MO 65109
  • Cost:
  • None


  • Corporal Aaron Griffin
  • 573-751-9941
  • Trooper Andrew Armstrong
  • 573-751-4599