Courses of Instruction

Advanced Swiftwater Rescue Boat Operations Course

  • September 22-25, 2014

Prerequisite:  The student must have successfully completed a basic boat operation course or have a signed waiver from their department head certifying that he/she is an experienced boat operator and has the boat operation skills necessary to operate a boat in extremely dangerous swiftwater conditions. The student must have successfully passed a Swiftwater Rescue I Class. The student must furnish his/her own Swiftwater rescue gear. This gear includes a wet or dry suit, a swiftwater-rated personal flotation device, a swiftwater-rated helmet, dive fins, water gloves, wet boots or shoes (with good soles), and two throw bags. The student must also be able to tie rescue knots used in the Swiftwater Rescue I class. The student must also be able to jump into water from a height of 10’ to 15' and be able to enter fast-moving water. The student must be physically fit and able to perform strenuous activities, such as swimming in high flow water conditions.

Course description: This course is designed to enhance a student's skills in operating a boat in swift water conditions.  The drills conducted during this course should also increase an officer/first responder's ability to safely rescue persons with a boat during a swiftwater/flooding event. Skills such as reading the river, ferrying a boat, operating in an eddy, and operating a boat in a high volume flow situation will be taught. Nighttime boat operation drills will also be conducted to improve the student's confidence in low light/no light situations. Students must also be prepared to use their SWR I skills during this training.  Nighttime self rescue drills will also be conducted during this training to simulate real life conditions.  Students must also be prepared to do rescue swimming, use throw bags, and set up a high line.

Who should attend: Officers/emergency personnel who are involved in swiftwater rescues during flooding events.


  • $200 for tuition and lunch meals.

Meals and lodging: Lodging is at the expense of the student/agency. The host motel for this training is the Clearlight Inn, 1-866-681-5250. Students/Agencies are required to furnish their breakfast & supper meals.

Equipment: Boats will be provided by the MSHP. Agencies may bring their boats to train with, but the MSHP reserves the right to disallow any boat from the training. SWR gear must be provided by the student/agency.

Course cancellation Policy: This course may be cancelled if the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers does not have enough water to maintain an adequate flow of water during the training cycle. Students enrolled in this course will be given preference to attend the course when it is rescheduled.

Continuing Education Hours: None

Mineral Area College Credit: None

 Lieutenant Eldon E. Wulf

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