Courses of Instruction


  • May 19-23, 2014
  • August 18-22, 2014
  • November 17-21, 2014

Prerequisite: None

Course Description: Subject areas include supervisory liability, communication, employee performance appraisal, motivational principles, leadership, planning, ethics, cultural diversity, resolving conflict, organizing, and discipline.

Who Should Attend: The First-Line Supervision School is designed for the newly-promoted or soon-to-be promoted first-line supervisor.

Tuition/Registration Fees: Registration fees are due by the first day of class.  If fees are not paid in full prior to completion of class, certificates and continuing education hours will not be issued unless payment is received.


  • $365 - tuition, meals, and lodgin
  • $185 - tuition and meals

Continuing Education Hours:

  • 22 hours of Technical Studies
  • 10 hours of Interpersonal Perspective
  • 4 hours of Skill Development
  • 2 hours of Legal Studies

Mineral Area College Credit:

  • 2 credit hours
  1. Lieutenant Eldon Wulf
  2. 573-751-9900
  3. For questions concerning enrollment:
  4. Jeanette Ford
  5. 573-751-3626 or

Application For Training