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  • May 11-15 currently canceled. Tentative scheduling for June 15-19

Prerequisite: The student must have successfully completed a basic boat operation course or have a signed waiver from their department head certifying that he/she is an experienced boat operator and has the boat operation skills necessary to operate a boat in extremely dangerous swiftwater conditions.  The student must be a strong swimmer and be prepared to swim in a current of up to 2500 cubic feet per second.  The student must be able to jump from a height of 10 to 12 feet into swift water.   The student must furnish his/her own Swiftwater rescue gear (a wet or dry suit, a swiftwater-rated personal floatation device, a swiftwater-rated helmet, dive fins, water gloves, wet boots with good soles, and two throw bags).  Students should be in excellent physical condition and will be required to fill out a medical waiver and, if necessary, get a physician’s release to attend this course.  The student is required to have a basic knowledge of rescue knots before attending this class, be able to jump into water from a height of 10' to 15', and be able to enter fast-moving water.

Course Description: This course is designed to teach students the skills necessary to rescue persons in swiftwater conditions.  The course also teaches students the skills necessary to affect a self rescue if the rescuer becomes the victim.  Topics covered in this class include how to read the river, river hydraulics, rescue knots, self-rescue techniques, strainer drills, boat operation techniques, boat rescue techniques, throw bag techniques, team rescue drills, hi-line/z-line rescue techniques, rope gun fundamentals, ring buoy rescue techniques, and low head dam rescue techniques.  The student will receive Swiftwater Rescue I certification through Dive Rescue International at the completion of this course.  This course will be held off site.

Who Should Attend: Officers/emergency personnel who are involved in swiftwater rescues during flooding events. Patrol attendees must have successfully completed the Marine Operations course to attend this course.


  • $75 for the student packet and certification through Dive Rescue International.

    Meals and lodging are at the expense of the student/agency. 

Continuing Education Hours:

  • None

Mineral Area College Credit:

  • None
  1. Sergeant Mark Wilson
  2. 573-751-9949
  3. For questions concerning enrollment:
  4. Jeanette Ford
  5. 573-751-3626 or

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