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MoSAC Current Projects

Missouri Arrest Related Deaths Click for more details

Statewide Traffic Crash Report System Analytical Reports

The Missouri SAC maintains a series of online analyses of the Missouri Statewide Traffic Accident Record System (STARS) that describe crash and driver characteristics, crash circumstances, grant application statistical requirements, and crash locations. An interactive mapping application visually displays crashes selected by various criteria. Click here for additional information

Justice Assistance Grant Program Support

The Missouri Department of Public Safety, Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Program, provides Bureau of Justice Assistance JAG Program financial assistance to projects statewide that support drug enforcement and other law enforcement efforts, domestic violence and child abuse investigations, criminal records and technology improvement, and data analysis. The Missouri SAC assists the Missouri DPS with its administration of grants by providing analytical support and program evaluation. It produces an annual report describing all approved research designs and reports of success for funded programs within the State as well as designs, implements, and maintains a business systems repository for Missouri illicit drug, violent crime, and criminal justice data for this project. Click here for additional information

Sex Offender Absconder Study

MoSAC is collaborating with the University of Missouri - St. Louis, Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice to study Missouri non-compliant and absconder sex offenders to develop a statistical predictive model for prevention of future absconding or failure to register.

Governor's DPS Dashboard

Each month MoSAC manually produces a series of charts that describes productivity levels of all Department of Public Safety agencies. The MoSAC is developing an electronic business intelligence dashboard that will replace the current manual process.

Web Enabled Traffic Safety Compendium

The report entitled Traffic Safety Compendium produced manually each year by MoSAC is currently being converted to an online report. Once completed, users will be able to run all or part of the contained statistical tables by regional and temporal attributes that specifically meet their needs.

Crime Investigator Allocation Model

MoSAC and the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Division of Drug and Crime Control are developing a manpower allocation model to identify the criminal investigator needs of an agency. Data collected during a pilot study of DDCC officers will be analyzed to build a statewide model.