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Other Publications

Overview - In addition to publications on crime and traffic statistics, Missouri's Statistical Analysis Center produces a number of other reports. Some are limited to law enforcement only.

Missouri State Highway Patrol Public Opinion Final Report - This report describes findings of the Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP) Public Opinion Survey of Missouri citizens conducted every three years. A representative sample of 2,000 persons is surveyed to acquire their opinions and attitudes concerning MSHP work responsibilities, overall performance, employee competence, and employee appearance. Their concerns about being victimized by crime, being involved in traffic crashes, and various social issues also are gathered. The survey results, along with other data, are used to assist the MSHP in establishing policies and programs to better serve the needs of Missouri citizens.

Missouri State Highway Patrol Public Opinion Survey Final Report:

  • 2002 (Format: Adobe PDF Icon (pdf), Size: 211KB)
  • 2005 (Format: Adobe PDF Icon (pdf), Size: 331KB)
  • 2008 (Format: Adobe PDF Icon (pdf), Size: 814KB)
  • 2011 (Format: Adobe PDF Icon (pdf), Size: 814KB)

Field Operations Road Officers Manpower Allocation Plan - Every two years, the Missouri SAC evaluates the road officer requirements of the Missouri State Highway Patrol with a computer model developed by the Northwestern University Traffic Institute. This model utilizes field performance standards and historic data for reactive, self-initiated, unobligated patrol, supervisory, and administrative time components to determine manpower allocation needs for specific geographic areas in the State.

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