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This page contains news about upcoming events and links to pages that are of concern for Missouri's Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Agencies.The content of this page will change as new events or resources arise. As new resources are added to the MSHP web site, you will find links here.

Request for Fingerprint Card Modification Request SHP-111A
This form is now available in electronic form on the CJIS Launch Pad. This form may be used by law enforcement agencies for corrections or modifications on previously submitted fingerprint cards. From the CJIS Launch Pad, click on Missouri State Highway Patrol/MULES, CJIS Documents, Other Law Enforcement Resources. For questions or assistance with this form, please contact CJIS Division at (573) 526-6153. Fingerprint Card Modification Request access.

Surviving Driver BAC Test Results Reporting
According to section 577.021 RSMo, law enforcement officers who investigate a motor vehicle crash involving a fatality or serious physical injury as defined in section 565.002, RSMo, shall make all reasonable efforts to administer a chemical test to any person suspected of driving a motor vehicle involved in the crash. The Surviving Driver BAC Test Results Form provides a means for authorized law enforcement personnel to report surviving driver BAC test results to the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) Unit of the Patrol Records Division for analytical purposes.
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Automated License Plate Reader Registration
The Automated License Plate Reader file (ALPR) is now available for download. This file provides the information necessary to provide a NCIC and/or MULES hit when used in conjunction with a License Plate Reader (LPR) device. A MOU must be on file with the access Integrity Unit (AIU) and a registration process must be completed prior to obtaining access to the file.
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Missouri Uniform Crash Report Forms and Preparation Manual
The Missouri Uniform Crash Report form and Missouri Uniform Crash Report continuation / supplement forms are used by authorized law enforcement personnel to record and report information attendant to motor vehicle crashes as prescribed be sections 43.250 and 43.251, RSMo. The Missouri Uniform Crash Report Preparation Manual provides detailed instructions for the completion of the Missouri Uniform Crash Report Forms (The 2024 version of the Missouri Uniform Crash Report must be used in association with motor vehicle crashes that occur midnight January 1, 2024, and thereafter.)
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MOCARS Online Analysis
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A series of online analyses of the Missouri Crash Analysis Reporting System (MOCARS) will be available to authorized law enforcement agencies. These analyses describe various crash and driver characteristics, crash circumstances, Police Traffic Grant statistical requirements, and crash locations.
Report Descriptions.

UCR Website Update
The UCR Website has recently been updated. There are several new links available on the welcome page. This new web facility has been introduced to assist in the development and implementation of the Missouri Incident Based Reporting System.
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MULES Usage Summary Reports
The MULES statistics summary reports are now available for download. Select a summary report for all agencies or enter the ORI for your specific agency's totals.
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DWITS Training
The voluntary DWI Tracking System (DWITS) was implemented in February of 2005 and training is being offered free of charge to all interested criminal justice agencies. Training will begin April 2022 and will be held at MSHP Troop Headquarters across the state.
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A DWITS tutorial USB is available upon request from the MSHP, Patrol Records Division. This USB provides thorough instructions on the DWI Tracking System including user registration, data entry and modification, uniform citation ordering, and system queries.

Data specifications needed to electronically transfer data from a local record management system to DWITS also are available from MSHP, Patrol Records Division. These specifications describe each data element's format, size, and edit requirements.

To order a copy of the DWITS Tutorial or Data Specifications, contact:

Missouri State Highway Patrol
Patrol Records Division
Arrest Records Section
P.O. Box 1408
Jefferson City, MO 65102
573 526-6185

MOCARS Training
This training will cover the revised Missouri Uniform Crash Report (MUCR) that was implemented at midnight, January 1, 2024. These are train-the-trainer sessions. The same information will be presented at each session covering the changes to the MUCR. Sessions will begin in May 2024 and will be held at select MSHP troop headquarters.
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LAR Analysis Request
The Crime Laboratory is now releasing their Web LAR (Lab Analysis Request) for affiliated agencies that have an ORI. The Web LAR has been designed to allow the registered agency the capability of filling in case information that will be imported into the crime laboratory's database. Use of the Web LAR will expedite the laboratory evidence submission process.
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Request for Criminal Record Supplies
A new form, SHP-348, has been added to the forms section on the CJIS Launch Pad. This form, which was previously available in paper copy from the CJIS Division is now a fillable pdf and may be completed and faxed to the appropriate Troop for supplies. This form is for law enforcement use only and is only accessible by law enforcement with CJIS Launch Pad capability.
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