Civilian Employee Salary Schedule


Academy Instructor  
Account Clerk I, II, or III  
Accountant I  
Accountant II  
Accounting Clerk  
Accounting Generalist I  
Accounting Generalist II  
Accounting Specialist I  
Accounting Specialist II  
Accounting Specialist III (Chief Accountant)  
Accounting Technician  
Administrative Analyst I  
Administrative Analyst II  
Administrative Analyst III  
Administrative Office Support Assistant (AOSA)  
Aircraft Maintenance Specialist  
Aircraft Maintenance Supervisor  
Assistant Chief Operator  
Assistant Chief Technician  
Assistant Garage Superintendent  
Automotive Service Assistant  
Automotive Technician I  
Automotive Technician II  
Automotive Technician III  
Automotive Technician Supervisor  
Building and Grounds Maintenance I  
Building and Grounds Maintenance II  
Building and Grounds Maintenance Supervisor  
CAD Administrator  
CDL Examination Auditor  
CDL Examiner  
Chief Operator  
Chief Technician  
CJIS Program Manager  
CJIS Program Supervisor  
CJIS Specialist I or II  
CJIS Technician I  
CJIS Technician II  
CJIS Technician III  
CJIS Trainer/Auditor I, II, III, or IV  

Clerk IV

Clerk Typist I, II, or III  
Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Inspector I  
Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Inspector II  
Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Inspector III  
Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Inspector Chief  
Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Inspector Supervisor I  
Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Inspector Supervisor II  
Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Training Coordinator  
Commercial Vehicle Officer  
Commercial Vehicle Officer Chief  
Commercial Vehicle Officer Senior Chief  
Commercial Vehicle Officer Supervisor  
Commercial Vehicle Officer Trainee  
Communications Operator I  
Communications Operator II  
Communications Operator III  
Communications Operator Trainee  
Communications Technician Trainee, I, II, or III  
Communications Training Coordinator  
Computer Information Technologist Trainee, I, II, or III  
Computer Information Technology Specialist I or II  
Computer Information Technology Supervisor I  
Computer Information Technology Supervisor II  
Cook I  
Cook II  
Cook III  
Cook Supervisor  
Crime Laboratory Manager  
Criminal Intelligence Analyst I, II, Supervisor  
Criminalist I, II, or III, and Criminalist Supervisor  
Criminalist Specialist  
CVE Program Specialist  
CVE Training Coordinator  
Deputy General Counsel  
Designated Principal Assistant (Staff)  
Division Assistant Director  
Division Director  
Driver Examiner Chief  
Driver Examiner Clerk I  
Driver Examiner Clerk II  
Driver Examiner Clerk III  
Driver Examiner I  
Driver Examiner II  
Driver Examiner III  
Driver Examiner Supervisor  
Duplicating Equipment Operator I  
Duplicating Equipment Operator II  
Duplicating Equipment Operator III  
Fiscal and Budgetary Analyst I, II or III  
Fleet Control Coordinator  
Food Service Helper I  
Food Service Helper II  
Food Service Manager  
Forensic Laboratory Technician I  
Forensic Laboratory Technician II  
Forensic Laboratory Technician III  
Frequency Coordinator  
Garage Superintendent  
Grants Program Coordinator  
Grants Program Specialist  
General Counsel  
Hazardous Materials Specialist  
Human Resources Analyst I  
Human Resources Analyst II  
Human Resources Analyst III  
Human Resources Program Supervisor/Manager  
Human Resources Supervisor (Administrative Services Section)  
Human Resources Supervisor (Support Services Section)  
Information Analyst I (Custodian of Records)  
Information Analyst II (Custodian of Records)  
Insurance Clerk  

Laboratory Evidence Technician I or II

Marine Mechanic I  
Marine Mechanic II  
Marine Mechanic III  
Motor Vehicle Inspector I  
Motor Vehicle Inspector II  
Motor Vehicle Inspector III  
Motor Vehicle Inspector Analyst  
Motor Vehicle Inspector Analyst - VIN Salvage  
Motor Vehicle Inspector Chief  
Motor Vehicle Inspector Senior Chief  
Motor Vehicle Inspector Supervisor  
Personnel Records Clerk I, II, or III  
POST Program Coordinator  
PRD Program Supervisor  
PRD Specialist I (FARS)  

PRD Specialist II (FARS)

PRD Technician I, II, or III  
Procurement Officer I  
Procurement Officer II  
Programmer/Analyst Manager  
Property Inventory Controller  

Public Information Specialist I, II, or III

Quality Control Clerk I  

Quality Control Clerk II

Recruiter (Part-Time/Civilian)  
Research Analyst I  
Research Analyst II  
Research Analyst III  
Research Analyst IV  
Scale Maintenance Technician  
Scale Maintenance Technician Apprentice  
Scale Maintenance Technician Chief  
Section Chief  
Senior Chief Examiner  
Special Assistant (DDCC)  
Special Assistant (FOB)  
Special Assistant (HRD)  
Special Assistant (PSD)  

Special Assistant (Staff)

Special Assistant (TND)  
Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) - Communications Operator  
Staff Artist I  
Staff Artist II  
Staff Artist III  
Stenographer III  
Staff Inspector  
Storekeeper I  
Storekeeper II  
Supply Manager I  
Supply Manager II  
Technical Support Manager  
Tower and Antenna Engineer I  
Tower and Antenna Engineer II  
Training Division Program Supervisor/Manager  
Video Production Specialist I  
Video Production Specialist II  
Wellness Coordinator  

Account Clerk
Driver Examination Clerk
Driver Examination Monitor
Garage and Carwash
Motor Vehicle Inspector