Livescan Expenditure Program

Missouri State Highway Patrol Livescan Expenditure Program

The Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP) has received an appropriation to assist law enforcement agencies with costs associated with the purchase or lease of a criminal livescan device.

Contact Information

Biometric Services Unit

8 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday excluding state holidays.

Phone: (573) 526 - 6265


Livescan Expenditure Program

The Livescan Expenditure Program can assist with the costs associated with one criminal livescan device per agency, not to exceed $6,625.00 per fiscal year. This amount may be applied to either the lease cost associated with Livescan as a Service (LSAAS) or the maintenance of a purchased device. Due to costs associated with fingerprint submission, a minimum of one hundred criminal submissions per calendar year is required for participation.  Click HERE to compare LSAAS vs Livescan Purchase cost considerations.

The Livescan Expenditure Program can only cover cost associated with the livescan, camera, printer and cabinet. Click HERE for specifications on the livescan cabinets are manufactured by Missouri Vocational Enterprises.

The Livescan Expenditure Program cannot cover costs associated with Rapid ID devices, applicant only livescan devices, or secondary livescan devices. Agencies are responsible for paying the maintenance and lease cost of items outside of the scope of the Livescan Expenditure Program.

Livescan Expenditure Program Process Outline

Applications will be reviewed and processed quarterly. The application process for agencies requesting a new or replacement criminal livescan is as follows:

  1. Complete the Application for New or Replacement Livescan. The application form can be found HERE. Submit the form to the following email address,
  2. The application will be reviewed to determine eligibility.
  3. Once the application is processed and approved, the MSHP will initiate the purchase process with Idemia.
  4. Idemia will send agencies a Site Acceptance Form. This form must be completed and returned to Idemia before installation will occur.
  5. Livescan equipment will be delivered to the agency address provided on the application.
  6. The livescan cabinet will be delivered to the nearest MSHP troop for the agency to pick up.
  7. The Idemia Customer Service Engineer will arrive on location for livescan device install and set up.

Maintenance and Lease Costs

The MSHP will work with the livescan provider, Idemia, to obtain a listing of all invoices payable for the Livescan Expenditure Program active maintenance or lease accounts. Once payment has been made, the MSHP will provide each agency with a letter outlining the amount paid to Idemia on their behalf.

Once the payment is made, Idemia will be responsible for crediting the respective accounts. If an agency has a question about Idemia billing, they should be directed to Ms. Sonia Doner by email at or by phone at (714) 575-2923.

Network Connectivity

Agencies must maintain a dedicated network connection, via a MPLS dedicated circuit or a Lan-to-Lan tunnel connection.

  1. For questions regarding connectivity, please e-mail
  2. This connection must be in place and operational prior to the livescan installation.

Livescan As A Service Contract Expiration

A new application for the Livescan Expenditure Program will be required once at LSAAS expiration. This will ensure continued enrollment in the program. At the expiration of the agreement, your agency will have three options:

  1. Sign a new LSAAS Subscription Agreement for a five (5) year term and receive a new Livescan System - new optical scanner, PC, and monitor. Any other equipment (camera, printer, and cabinet) would be optional on renewal. If you select this option your Livescan device will be upgraded to the Touch Print™ Enterprise (TPE), the newest IDEMIA Livescan platform. Some of the new features of the TPE platform range from a better user experience to updated settings that allow for easier capture of fingerprint and palmprint images.
  2. Purchase your existing Livescan System outright for $3,200 and optionally enter into a maintenance agreement at the current maintenance rates.
  3. Allow the agreement to expire; Idemia will remove the existing Livescan System.

The Livescan Expenditure Program can only assist with costs associated with one criminal device per agency up to $6,625.

Additional Funding Options for Livescan and Biometric Verification Systems

Agencies are encouraged to consider pursuing a local ordinance that is allowed under 488.5026, RSMo. This statute allows the collection of a $2.00 fee for every conviction in the jurisdiction for the purpose of maintaining “biometric verification systems”. Jurisdictions that have enacted local ordinances pursuant to this statute have reported that the fees collected provide them with a funding stream for biometric-related expenses, which include livescan devices, Rapid ID devices, maintenance/lease expenses, and network connectivity.

HERE is a sample of an enacted ordinance implementing the provisions of the statute for reference.

As with any state appropriation, there is no guarantee future appropriations will be provided for purchase, lease, or maintenance of livescan devices. Acceptance of this assistance should be with the understanding that your agency assumes responsibility for all future associated costs when purchasing a device with subsequent maintenance, or upon entering a LSAAS contract with Idemia.