Missouri Criminal Justice Information Sharing Standards

On April 30, 2021, definitions and technical standards for the sharing of criminal justice information were added to the Missouri Code of State Regulations (11 CSR 30-17). The intent of this rule is to ensure that all criminal justice vendors and partners that share criminal justice information use the same standard formats and data definitions when exchanging data. This will, in turn, allow for the more efficient and effective sharing of this information across the criminal justice community and strengthen public safety efforts across the state.

Upon publication of 11 CSR 30-17, the Missouri Integrated Justice Information Systems (MoIJIS) Technical Working Group, a sub-committee of the Missouri Criminal Records and Justice Information Advisory Committee (CRJIAC), recommended the first set of technical standards for adoption under this rule. These standards were duly adopted by the Missouri Department of Public Safety on June 1, 2021 and govern criminal justice information being shared with the Missouri Data Exchange (MoDEx), the Missouri Incident Based Reporting System (MIBRS), and the Driving While Intoxicated Tracking System (DWITS). Pursuant to 11 CSR 30-17, Criminal Justice vendors that maintain systems that participate in these programs are required to begin using these standards by June 1, 2023.


List of Approved Standards:

Missouri Incident Based Reporting System (MIBRS) Standard IEPD 2.0 (or later)

Missouri Data Exchange (MoDEx) and/or National Data Exchange (N-DEx) Standards IEPD 2.1.1 only

Driving While Intoxicated Tracking System (DWITS) Standards version 1.0 (or later)


In the near future, Criminal Justice vendors that have been confirmed to be using these standards will be added to an approved listing on this website. This listing will be publicized to Missouri Criminal Justice agencies to assist in the decision-making process when choosing a new vendor. If you are a Missouri Criminal Justice Vendor and you have questions about these state standards or are interested in being placed on the approved listing, please contact: 1-800-877-2897 or mshphelpdesk@mshp.dps.mo.gov