Each team within the MCIU is assigned specialized equipment. Each member of a team is able to transport, assemble and deploy the electronic tools and equipment used in their job function.

Each team member is issued the following equipment:

  • 1. Laptop computer with applicable software
  • 2. GPS
  • 3. 110 Volt Power Inverter
  • 4. Digital Camera
  • 5. Portable Battery / Emergency Power Supply
  • 6. Safety Devices
    a. Two Collapsible Warning Signs and Stands
    b. Ten Traffic Cones
    c. High-Visiblity Clothing


Each Team is Assigned

  • 1. Four robotic total stations with prisms, poles, and tripods.
  • 2. Four survey grade GPS units.
  • 3. Four Unmanned Aerial Vehicles used for crash scene documentation.
  • 4. Crash Data Retrieval systems with current software and cabling.
  • 5. Heavy vehicle ECM download instruments with current software and cabling packages.
  • 6. One Berla iVe system used with the recovery of electronic data.
  • 7. One electronic accelerometer.

Vehicles assigned to team members are all wheel drive Ford Transit vans or four-wheel drive pickup trucks. The vans have customized shelving, which improves the storage and management of their equipment, and a workstation to facilitate the recovery of data from a vehicle’s Event Data Recorder. The trucks are equipped with large pull-out trays for storage and transport of their equipment.