Minimum Requirements

You must be at least 21 years of age upon graduation from the Academy.

  • Be a citizen of the United States and a resident of Missouri when recruit training begins.
  • Possess a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Be of good character, with no felony convictions or crime involving moral turpitude, no pending indictments, or certain misdemeanor offenses including any involving aggressive or violent behavior (i.e., domestic violence, criminal assault, etc.), disregard for the safety of others, or the misuse of deadly weapons.
  • Employees will not have tattoos or brands that a reasonable person would find offensive, such as tattoos or brands depicting or supporting criminal behavior, drug usage, nudity, profanity, promiscuity, subversive groups, bigotry, etc.
  • No tattoos or brands are permitted on the head, neck, wrists, or hands.  The sole exception is that one traditional band style ring tattoo may be displayed on a single finger.  Any such ring tattoo will not extend beyond the proximal phalanx.  Tattoos and/or brands on any other part of the body, which would be visible during movements in the performance of duties while wearing any official uniform or civilian attire, will be completely covered and not visible while on duty.  If the tattoos and/or brands are visible, they must be kept covered by wearing the Class A uniform year-round, which includes a long-sleeve shirt.
  • Be willing to live anywhere in the State of Missouri.
  • Possess a valid Missouri Driver License at the time of appointment.
  • Successfully complete all components of the Trooper Selection Process, outlined below.

Selection Process Outline

  • Written Examination
  • Fitness For Duty Assessment
  • Polygraph
  • Background Investigation
  • Background Review/Oral Interview Board
  • Conditional Offer of Employment
    • Psychological Examination
    • Psychological Interview
    • Medical Examination to include vision/hearing examination
    • Drug Screening
  • Final Offer of Employment

Vision Requirements (Summarized)

  • Visual acuity with spectacles or contact lenses 20/20 with both eyes open
  • Visual acuity with no spectacles or contact lenses 20/40 with both eyes open *
  • Depth perception
  • Color vision
  • Peripheral vision

* Note - Waivers may be granted to those candidates whose uncorrected acuity is less than the standard, but can provide proof of one or more years current successful contact lens wear. Waivers may also be granted to those candidates who have had successful refractive surgery such as radial keratotomy or photo-refractive keratectomy, if proof of one or more years of stable non-fluctuating vision is provided.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol is an Equal Opportunity Employer