Trooper Career FAQs

Q: How do I apply for the Missouri State Highway Patrol? A: Please complete a Pre-Employment Inquiry form on-line. Once you have submitted the inquiry form, you will receive (within two business days) your userid and password. Once you receive your userid and password, you will need to create your Personal History Statement on-line. Q: I have applied before and did not make it. Will I be notified of the next testing? A: If you have submitted a Pre-Employment Inquiry form on-line for a previous process, you may go on-line to the registered applicant log-in and add an additional recruit class. You must reapply to be considered for a future selection process. Q: I want to send in my résumé and letters of recommendation. Where do I send them? A: There is no need to submit a résumé, letter of reference, or recommendation. If you reach the background investigation stage of the process, it may be beneficial to provide references and additional documentation to the officer completing the background investigation so it may be reviewed by the Oral Interview Board. Q: How long is the academy? A: The academy is approximately twenty-five weeks long. Q: Where is the academy? A: The Highway Patrol's Law Enforcement Academy is located in Jefferson City, Missouri, at the General Headquarters Complex. Q: Do I have to live at the academy? A: Academy recruits are required to reside in the academy complex through the duration of training. Recruits normally report to the academy on Sunday evenings and are released on Friday evenings. Q: How much does the academy cost? A: If you are selected to attend the academy, you are hired as a full-time Patrol employee and the academy is at the expense of the Patrol. Q: If I am currently a police officer, how do I become a Missouri State Trooper? A: You may qualify for our Accelerated Academy if you meet the eligibility requirements. Please contact a Patrol recruiter or the Human Resources Division for more information at 1-800-796-7000. Q: Can I get credit for law enforcement training I currently have? A: All applicants who attend the Missouri State Highway Patrol Academy, regardless of past training or experience, enter at the same rank and pay grade. Q: Do I have to move? A: Applicants must be willing to relocate anywhere in the state of Missouri. Efforts are made to accommodate the requests of recruits' first duty assignments within reason, but the needs and mission of the Patrol are the final determining factor. Q: What can I do to prepare myself for the Highway Patrol's testing? A: The first phase of testing consists of reading comprehension and writing skills. The current test is multiple choice and explained in the Selection Process Description. You may visit your local library or adult learning center to obtain information or materials that may help you in this form of testing. Be sure you have adequate sleep and eat properly prior to taking the test. For the physical testing, refer to the Fitness For Duty Assessment. It will obviously benefit you to be in the best physical condition to complete the test and score well. A routine regimen of running, sit-ups, push-ups, and various cardiovascular exercises will benefit you. Q: If I am hired, will I have health insurance for myself and my family? A: The effective date of health insurance coverage for a new employee and family will be on the first day of the next calendar month following the date of employment. If the new employee was enrolled in the Patrol's plan as a dependent immediately prior to the date of employment, the creditable service requirement is waived. The effective date of coverage is subject to submission of proper application and payment of any required contribution. Q: I have a tattoo. Is that okay? A: This is listed in the Minimum Requirements for employment.