Dive Team Photo Gallery

The Missouri State Highway Patrol Dive Team has been designated as the official home land security dive team for the state of Missouri by the State Emergency Management Agency. The Dive Team is a state resource available to any local jurisdiction for dives related to criminal matters or victim recovery.

2012 Swiftwater Rescue Training

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The chute
Jumping into the chute
Jumping into the chute
Righting ones self in the chute
Traveling the chute
Staying Upright
Riding the water
In A Row Downstream
Downstream rescue
Staying afloat
Rescue Boat
Shore Watch
Throwing Line
Inflatable Boat
Shore Rope Line
Up The Hill
Group Portrait
Third Rope Line
Hooking Onto Rope Line
Stream Boat Travel
Enroute To The River
Prep Work
More Prep Work
Prepping Boat
Group Portrait