Firearm/Toolmark Section

The Firearm/Toolmark section of the crime laboratory receives and examines evidence related to firearms, firearm components, ammunition, expended ammunition components, distance determination, tools, toolmarks, footwear and tire tread impressions.

There are a number of services offered by the Firearm/Toolmark section that can be useful to investigators.

This section can determine:

  • The type of firearm that fired a particular bullet or cartridge case.
  • Whether a bullet was, or could have been, fired from a specific firearm.
  • Whether a cartridge case was, or could have been, fired in a specific firearm.
  • Whether a tool found in a suspect's possession was, or could have been used to cut, scrape, pry, pinch, etc. evidence seized from a crime scene.
  • The original serial number of a firearm or other objects, after the number has been obliterated.
  • Whether a questioned footwear impression was made by a suspect footwear.
  • Whether the tires on a suspect vehicle made a tire tread impression.