Narcotics/Vice Unit

The Narcotics Vice Unit is composed of seven teams consisting of twenty-nine Patrol narcotic officers and five information analyst employees. Additionally, the Patrol presently supervises five multi-jurisdictional task forces: the Southeast Missouri Drug Task Force in Sikeston; the Lake Area Narcotics Enforcement Group at the Lake of the Ozarks: the Mineral Area Drug Task Force in East Central Missouri; the South Central Drug Task Force which operates out of West Plains, Missouri; and the East Central Missouri Task Force operating in Mexico, Missouri. The task force officers are members of local agencies assigned to the task forces contractually supervised by the Division of Drug and Crime Control. There are presently forty-one task force officers assigned to these areas.

Division of Drug and Crime Control narcotics investigators are also assigned to three Drug Enforcement Administration Drug Task Forces: The Drug Enforcement Administration Drug Task Force in Jefferson City, Springfield and Kansas City, Missouri.

The Narcotic Vice Unit is a participating agency of the National Virtual Pointer System (NVPS). The National Virtual Pointer System is a fully automated pointer information system that provides participating state, local, and federal law enforcement agencies the capability to determine if a current drug investigative suspect is under active investigation by any other participating agency. All active cases assigned a case number are entered into this system.