Investigative Analysis Unit (IAU)

The Investigative Analysis Unit (IAU) within the Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP) is available to assist Missouri criminal justice agencies during the investigation of serious violent crimes.

The IAU began operation in August of 1995, as a result of the MSHP's continuing commitment to provide support services to law enforcement agencies across the state. In 2011, the unit was expanded from two Criminal Intelligence Analysts to three Criminal Intelligence Analysts in response to the changing needs of the law enforcement community.

The IAU provides three crucial services to local law enforcement agencies, including case management, case reviews, and analytical support. The IAU provides on-site intelligence services to assist active investigations. Their support continues throughout the investigation. Analytical products and services such as telephone toll analysis and mapping, association charts, event/timeline charting, etc., are provided on a case by case basis. At the request of the originating agency, a complete and comprehensive case file, to include reports and attachments received from participating investigative agencies, is delivered for assistance in prosecution.

IAU strives to provide the services needed to stay on the cutting edge of today's technological and investigative trends. The unit actively seeks out training and contacts within the law enforcement analytical community.

The services and resources utilized by IAU will be provided at no cost to the requesting agency. This will allow agencies regardless of funding, access to a variety of investigative resources without budgetary concerns.

The goal of IAU is to provide investigative resources to law enforcement agencies and prosecutors across the state of Missouri, hopefully assisting in the successful investigation and prosecution of violent crimes.