Trooper James M. Froemsdorf -- Badge #261

Trooper James M. Froemsdorf

Trooper James M. Froemsdorf, 35, was shot and killed with his own gun on March 2, 1985, on I-55, near Brewer, Missouri, in Perry County. Trooper Froemsdorf had stopped Jerome Mallett for speeding and a radio check revealed Mallett to be wanted for armed robbery in Texas. Trooper Froemsdorf had handcuffed Mallett and was preparing to take him to the Perry County jail when Mallett was able to free one of his hands and attack the trooper. During the ensuing struggle, Mallett was able to get Trooper Froemsdorf's gun and shot and killed him in the patrol car.

A massive manhunt involving several law enforcement agencies resulted in the capture of Mallett on March 5. Mallett was convicted of murder and sentenced to be executed. His execution occurred on July 11, 2001. Mallett's last words included an apology to the Froemsdorf family.

Trooper Froemsdorf was the 12th member of the Patrol to lose his life in the line of duty. Trooper Froemsdorf was survived by his wife and three daughters.

As part of the Patrol's 75th Anniversary Celebration, employees of the Patrol have written in-depth articles about each of the officers that have been killed in the line of duty. These stories go more into the officer's life, who they were and their families, than just the circumstances of their death.

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